Young breeders weekend and Open Day

If anyone wishes to attend any of these workshops, please contact secreatary Mrs Vicky McFadden by email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The hampshire down young breeders are a group of breeders under 30, who are enthusiastic breeders looking to learn and bring on the Hampshire down breed. Please note you do not need to be under 30 to attend any of the workshops below.

Thursday afternoon

For those participating in Friday's trimming workshop arrival NI
Flock visit 1 (time permitting)

Friday 21st April 10.00 am

Trimming workshop to include ; Trimming stands and head stocks/ Dipping prior to trimming/trimming equipment/ wool treatments/head trimming/body trimming/finishing/feet prep for showing.

Also preparation of untrimmed lambs.

Pre dipped sheep will be provided for each attendee to trim

Carding brushes and selection of card
Slicker brush
Shears and shear types
Wool fix
Limo shine
Sharpening shears
Use of wool treatments

Head trimming
Opening eyes
Widening Nose
Head shaping
Head into Body

Body trimming

Backing down
Shaping back end
Shaping front
Shaping Sides

Carding to shape

Final finish

Foot preparation for showing

Harry Middleditch
Kevin McCarthy

Teaching assistants
Alex McCarthy
AN other

Lunch 12.30 to 13.00

Finish 16.00 hrs then flock visit 2
Evening discussion on "marketing your flock"

Saturday 23rd April OPEN DAY

Combined HD Ireland club Open Day and Society young members club visit

Introduction Allen McFadden

Welcome to Glenbrook Farm by Mr Peter Lawson followed by a short farm walk.

Peter is farming about 200 acres at Glenbrook running about 200 commercial ewes being put to the Hampshire ram. He also runs a pedigree flock of about 50 Hampshire ewes. In addition there is a growing herd of Dexter cattle.

After this introduction there will be discussion groups with technical experts on;

Nutrition of the growing lamb, and the ewe both pre and post lambing - Gortavoy nutrition specialist tbc

Mineral requirements and supplements - Animax tbc

Vaccination programmes by MSD Agvet tbc

AI and ET workshop - AB Europe confirmed

Showing workshop with Trevor Bell (One of the best up and coming showmen in Ireland). Confirmed.

Judging workshop with Jim Bell and AN other for HD breed points. Confirmed

During the day there will be a lunch served and members of the Irish Club will also be there to listen to the workshops and to meet the young breeders group.

Later Saturday afternoon if time flock visit 3

Flock visits



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